Girl, tell me only thisThat I’ll have your heart for alwaysAnd you want me by your sideWhispering the words “I’ll always love you” And foreverI will be your loverAnd I know if you really careI will always be there I […]

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It’s all about…

It’s so good to know that you have someone who’ll be willing to help you cope up in every frustrations you’re having. Every depressing moments, every down moments, every self-worthless-realization moments, he’d be there, not because you want someone to […]

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Sekadar Curhat Aja Kok!

Ini tulisanku yang ketiga di tahun 2018, aku belum menulis apa-apa lagi sejak bulan Januari kemarin padahal banyak banget yang mau aku ceritain di blog. Sibuk? nggak juga, lebih ke kebanyakan mikir mau nulis apa sampai akhirnya nggak jadi nulis […]

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